Phew! That was a close one!

Mid-August 2012

I’m excited! All the parts are here and I confirmed with Craig today, so she’ll be going in Thursday Friday.

Be sure to go to the build progress page to see how it has unfolded so far.

Thanks to you all for making this possible!

Late Sept./Oct. , 2012

UPDATE: Well, Royal has had the truck for over a month and they haven’t completed much  of the work they had agreed to. They we’re well aware off my deadline, October 13. They did some basic minor work to make it “roadworthy” but that is not what I was going to pay for.

I posted a comment on the HAMB expressing my frustration and searching for a shop that could do a disc brake conversion in a very short time. What I got was a load of volunteers, some I know from high school, coming to help bang this stuff out this Saturday.

Be sure to watch the build thread for pics and videos.