Build Progress


Well, for the last few days I’ve been dusting and cleaning so I can work on it without going into a sneezing frenzy and tracking almost 20 years of dust and dirt into the house.

I bought a battery last week from Lee Auto Supply and hooked it up, but I still haven’t tried to turn it over.

Worked a little on getting the manual choke moving again. A little CLP and time made it work once again. However, I think I’m going to install an electric choke.

I am planning to tow it to Royal Auto this week or next to have them get it started and checked out for items needing immediate attention. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Well, another week has passed without much progress. Can’t decide exactly what I want to do or, who to do it. I pretty much have my parts lists completed — just really hard to drop $2,300 on goodies that once received, will have to be paid to be installed by someone due to my lack of technical prowess and physical limitations.

I’d really like to find a one stop shop that has done this type of work before. THe places I want to use in Alameda more than likely can do the job and do it well, this just never have done it and can’t give me an estimate. I really wanted to keep everything under $2,500 — parts and labor included, but that remains to be seen.

Still get a weird feeling I shouldn’t be working on this truck since it was my dads. I can’t explain it — I feel like I;m ten and if I screw up, I’ll really get into to trouble. I guess a part of you never stops being a kid.


Been really depressed and not feeling well so I have not been working on the truck. Today, I got up and went down to the garage to try and get my head in a better place.

It worked and so does the truck — got it started today and she sounds great!

Thanks to everyone who made this the best day I’ve had in a long time!

Here’s a quick video:

Running again after 20 years


Ordered $1,600 in parts from Mid-Fifty Ford today. Just about everything I need to get her running, steering and stopping well once again. I had to compromise some of my desires for a lower and more forward front axle in the interest of staying on budget.

I’ll be getting the truck ready Monday for its trip to Royal Auto Repair on Tuesday to have the work completed.


Well, most of the parts came in sans the disc brake conversion. Been painting the bumper brackets and bumpers the last few days and installed everything but the back bumper. Also got the cool new mirrors installed. Just waiting for that conversion so I can take it to Royal.


Back bumper is installed, new choke cable installed and things cleaned up a bit.

I’ve been waiting to get all the parts for the disc brake conversion. The vendor really screwed up and did not ship all the items I paid for. Getting it reconciled has been a pain, but I only need bearing now.

Hopefully, it will be on its way to Royal tomorrow.


Well, I don’t think I’ll make it Royal today. Started getting the truck ready to tow and got too tired. We’ll give it a shot in the morning.


My wife and I renewed our vows today at Christ Church in Sausalito, We were given the ceremony by the Nor-Cal Wish Upon a Wedding folks. Our love story can be seen here: Joseph and Guinevere

As much as I wanted to drive away from the church in the ’53, it wasn’t meant to be.


Well, the truck has been at Royal Auto repair for a couple of weeks now. So far, they have replaced the tie rod and it’s been an amazing improvement. I could not believe how bent up the old tie rod was. The new one is much more beefy.

I’m starting to get more anxious to get this back not only in time for Park Street’s Car Show in mid-October, but to able to cruise around while the weather is nice. The pain I experience is getting more and more intense which has also fueled the need for this to get done ASAP.

I stopped by to visit her this last weekend and she’s next for the rack. Although I had a laundry list of things to be done, they want to start with the disc brake conversion. Hopefully, that will be sometime this week.

09/28/12 I am getting really discouraged. The repair place has had the truck for a month now and have only replaced the tie rod! Lots and lots of excuses when inquire what’s going on. I see so many cars coming and going, I don’t understand why they couldn’t have done more in the amount of time they have had it. The car show is in 2 weeks and now I need to scramble and find someone qualified and willing to do the work in a terribly short amount of time.

Every time I drive by and see my truck still buried in the back of the lot, my stomach goes into knots and I just want to cry.

uThe whole purpose of the fund raiser was to get this truck ready and entered in Alameda’s car show October 13. Looks like that’s going to be yet another unfulfilled dream.

I’m sorry, dad.


Well, since Royal Auto Repair screwed me on getting my truck ready for the upcoming Park St. car show on October 13, I posted a request on the HAMB for hot rod shops in the Bay Area that might be able to do the front disc brake conversion in a short amount of time. What I got instead was a group of volunteers, some high school classmates, that have donated their time and knuckle skin to help complete the work this Saturday.

I’ll be taking plenty of pics and vids to share with you all.

Thanks guys, for helping make a dream come true!


Well, thanks to a great group of guys, we got the truck done and it was entered into the 19th Annual Park Street Car Show!

Here are some pics:









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