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Here she is — as she has been for the last 12 years. More than likely, she was last started around 1998. Prior to that, she sat for over a decade and required having the carb rebuilt and the tank dropped and replaced before she’d run again. She was used on a daily basis for thrift shop hopping with Jennifer Abbe around 1995 into 1996.

One afternoon, on a run to Pagano’s, I hit the curb pretty hard while parking. This left the control arm bent. Despite the best efforts to straighten and reinforce the control arm, the truck was very unsafe and difficult to drive. At that point, this new problem coupled with the seriously inadequate brakes, I decided to temporary suspend driving this baby. I have since purchased a new control arm, but feel that a suspension and brake upgrade is absolutely needed in order for her to be driven safely.
With the exception of the steering wheel and leather bench seats pulled from a 1964 Lincoln Continental, the interior is all original. I have a few ideas for some minor customization such as engine turned trim to break up all the black surfaces. I wish I had some mad PhotoShop skills to show everyone what is in my mind’s eye.
This is the last of the many engines that occupied this space. As i understand it from my dad, this truck was usually outfitted with a Chrysler Hemi. I remember dad once saying with that engine and the original tranny set up, he had to learn to swap a tranny rather quickly. I seem to think he said he could do it in 25 minutes — maybe he could, maybe I remember incorrectly. Regardless, the last engine he placed in it was his favorite, a Chevy small block. I have no idea where this 350 came from, but I do know that it has a Crane cam, camel back heads, Holley Street Dominator intake and Holley 600 carb. ALl of this is hooked up to a Turbo 350 tranny with a Ford 9 inch rear end geared at 3.9. This thing was pretty fast, but doesn’t stop or handle for s**t!
It goes with out saying that all of the electrical needs to be replaced. Thank god for the plethora of companies out there that do ready made wiring harnesses for vintage rides.

I remember when this was all freshly put together; it looked so good. 20+ years of neglect has taken its toll — sigh.
I love those rams head manifolds. Along with the Corvette valve covers this motor has the vintage look I love.

Mr. Horsepower, logo for Clay Smith cams, was featured on front of the 1932 Ford Roadster my dad and Terry Harrison entered in the 1962 Oakland Roadster Show. They won the “Creative Builder” Award. I still have the trophy and it can been see in the front seat of the F100. I had the engine as well, but I gave it back to Terry Harrison. It was an alcohol fueled 409 if I remember correctly.
This truck was a fixture at the Fremont Drag Strip back in the day. Guys like Larry Pirack, Terry Harrison, Luther Lane and others were friends with my father. I have a bit of video of those days in Fremont and plan to post it here once I get it converted from VHS. I’m glad I got to go to the Fremont Drag Strip with my dad for various swap meets before it was ripped up. Some of my best memories of my dad are he and I going to swap meets on the weekend. Not a lot was talked about during those times, but it didn’t matter because it was about the time together and seeing another side of my father I never knew about.
My mom did the tuck and roll door panels on her old, mint green Kenmore sewing machine.

Dad’s ’33 or ’34. I believe this picture was taken in Alameda, but I don’t know where. If I remember correctly, dad said he traded the coupe body in the garage for a six-pack. I have 8mm film of this car racing at Fremont.









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